THE OTHER: your people – EL OTRO: tu gente

«I feel elated and proud and really relieved that it is over and all is well.» Eileen is Sam Gordon’s wife. In his words, «his support team». She knows exactly what it is like to live with someone who is … Leer más

THE OTHER: the public – EL OTRO: el público

«Día especial para la isla. Para nosotros es la Fiesta del Atleta, del Hombre de Hierro.» —- José Luis Pérez Cabrera forma parte de una familia mítica de Mancha Blanca que lleva animando como público a los participantes del Ironman … Leer más

THE OTHER : the volunteers – EL OTRO: los voluntarios

«Voluntario: Alguien, que durante un sábado diferente, trata de ayudar, animar, a quienes en un momento dado han decidido participar en un evento como el Ironman Lanzarote.» —- Juan Antonio Fernández Pacheco, conocido por todos como «Pacheco», fue de los … Leer más

THE OTHER: the race mate – EL OTRO: el compañero

«A finisher is finisher not by ending the race; not by reaching the finish line; not by achieving the goal; not by overcoming every challenge, neither every fear, or every obstacule, or every “you can’t do it”, or every excuse. … Leer más


«After the race – or at the end of my race… – I felt very proud of myself for lots of reasons: – Finishing the swim quicker than last time. – Achieving two things on the bike: not to walk … Leer más


«The last 15 minutes I was running so fast, just to be on time for the finish and make my parents proud. I reached just on time, 4 minutes before a.m., and the feeling was incredible. People all around were … Leer más


«At the finish I was elated. My wife and daughter with me crossing the line. I felt no pain, just joy at being a finisher at Lanzarote 2014.» Sam was finisher for the last time in his life being 71 … Leer más


«The first thing I thought was ‘I did it’ and ‘I deserve this’ for all I have been through to get here». Manolo had to walk a long way, but to his own surprise and joy, he crossed running the … Leer más

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